Why I don’t think you’ll get a birthday wish anytime soon: Surfing on Surfing

Surfing in the surf is one of my favorite pastimes.

The adrenaline rush and freedom of having so many options can make it so much more rewarding than doing the same things over and over again.

But I don,t think that every birthday wish will be filled with a perfect image of the person who gave birth to me.

There are some that are going to be perfect but will be more like the image of a friend who never existed.

Here are some of my most heart-warming birthday wishes.


I’ll get my hair cut for my birthday.

A friend asked me for my hair when I was pregnant, and I was surprised when I got my first hair cut.

I wanted to do the same for my daughter.

I love my daughter so much and she’s a wonderful girl.


I’m going to live in a house with two people.

I don’ want to move to a house that is too small.


I will become a full-time model.

I already love modeling, but now I want to work out and have a full time career.


I get to have my hair done by my sister.

She knows how to cut it.

I want her to do it. 5.

I can have a real boyfriend.

I’ve always been attracted to men.

But now I’m getting to know other people and I’m trying to get my head around a girl I’m attracted to. 6.

I have a baby.

I hope it’s a boy.

I know I have to wait for my body to develop, but I’m hoping to have a kid.


I take my daughter to the beach for a day and she likes it.

She’ll be my friend and I’ll take her to the ocean with me. 8.

I start a blog.

I never wanted to start a Facebook page or a blog, but it’s time.

I like writing blog posts about stuff that I want people to know about.


I grow a beard.

I am now a beard man and I have friends who love to be told how good I am. 10.

I become an astronaut.

I could do anything I want and I can do it without any supervision.


I wear glasses for the first time.

It’s the only way I can communicate.


I finally go skiing.

I still don’t ski, but when I do, I love it. 13.

I go on a road trip with my sister and my friends.

They’re all just like, “You’re awesome!”


I spend my birthday with my brother and my sister, and they’re all going crazy.


I play the violin.

I do this for a living.


I give my girlfriend a present.

I always give her presents, but this one is the perfect one.


I write a book.

I had to give up my dream of becoming a writer and now I’ve got my own publishing company.


I live with my mother.

She’s my favorite and I love her dearly.


I buy my own wedding dress.

I started a blog about my wedding dress and my wedding day was perfect.


I marry my girlfriend.

I couldn’t have gotten married without her and I am so proud of her.


I adopt a puppy.

It’ll be the perfect pet for my daughters, but she’ll be doing her own thing.


I open a bar and I drink so much I have so much hair.

I just need to get a little bit of a haircut.


I watch a movie in the living room with my friends, and it’s all beautiful.

I would love to share that experience with my children.


I visit a friend’s parents in a different state.

She loves me dearly and it’ll be a fun time.


I attend a charity event in the city and it is amazing.

My friends and I are all in awe of the work that’s being done.


I find a place for my family to stay.

It just happens to be in a neighborhood where I live.


I cook at home with my family.

I made some great meals this year and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.


I win the lottery.


I receive a letter from a person that is my best friend.

I was so happy that I got a letter like that.


I join a gym that is a member of the National Weightlifting Association.


I read a book that was published a year ago.

I think that’s amazing.

I thought that was the year that my career would really take off.


I meet a beautiful new friend.


I talk to my wife about a possible divorce.


I sit in on a wedding planning session for my new wife.


I sing a song in

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