How to write a birthday wish and how to tell if it’s a wish

Birthday wishes are a popular way to wish someone a happy birthday.They come in all shapes and sizes.Some are simple, such as “Happy Birthday” and “Happy to See You,” while others are more elaborate, such a “Happy Life,” “Happy To See You Again” or “Happy Together.”Here are the five ways you can write a wish.1.Happy […]

‘It’s not the right time’: The joy of sending birthday messages via the internet

A new study has revealed the joy of sharing birthday messages on the internet is no longer the same as the one before, thanks to the proliferation of social media.The research, conducted by the University of Queensland, found that a person’s happiness was significantly reduced by sharing a birthday wish.“The people who were happiest were […]

How to make your own birthday wishes for friends and family

When I was in my 20s, I could only imagine how difficult it would have been for my parents to send me birthday wishes.It was a nightmare, to say the least, because my parents were both married to very demanding and demanding people.If I wanted to send my dad a birthday wish, I would have […]

‘We’ve Got the New Boss: The New York Times’ Editorial Board on Donald Trump’s Presidency

Editorial Board: The editorial board has decided to endorse Donald Trump for president, the paper announced Wednesday.The decision comes after the New York newspaper’s editorial board, made up of top political reporters, decided to back the billionaire businessman over Democrat Hillary Clinton in last year’s election.In the article, the New Yorkers editorial board notes the […]

Birthday wishes: why are some people more likely to receive a birthday wish than others?

When you add in the costs of travel and childcare, and the costs that arise from the logistics of having a birthday, the costs become even more prohibitive.“People are spending more and more time on their birthday wish wish list, so they’re doing the same thing with their birthday wishes,” Dr Rimmer said.“It’s becoming harder […]

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