What’s your favorite birthday wish? — 5th birthday

The 5th Birthday Prayer Wish (or 4th Birthday Wish) is one of the most popular birthday wishes on Reddit.A typical request includes wishing you a happy birthday and wishing that you get a birthday gift.However, there are some exceptions.This year, Reddit user @billy_b_belly made a wish that included “one of the best birthdays ever.”You can […]

Which Bible Birthday Wishes Are Real and Which Are Just Fake?

Happy Birthday, Jesus!You’re still the king of the universe.You’re the God of the Bible.You have the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and you’ll be with us forever.But what about the Bible’s favorite birthday wishes?And which ones are really the real deal?Here are 10 Bible Birthday Wish-Making Tricks to Make Your Birthday Happen as You […]

How can you be a pet owner’s dream pet?

A lot of pet owners are very passionate about their pets, but sometimes there’s a part of you that just wants to have fun.That part of your brain is the one that loves pet videos.So let’s take a look at some of the best pet birthday wishes on YouTube.Pet Birthday Wish #1: Be an angel!Happy […]

Trump and Pence celebrate 50th birthday: ‘It’s going to be a great day’

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence celebrate their 50th anniversary in the Oval Office on Friday.The pair was joined by Vice President Jim Mattis and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who was born on the day of the president’s inauguration.They exchanged hugs, and Trump said that Pence had become “my friend.”“We’re […]

How to celebrate a birthday that makes you laugh and cry?

By now, you’ve probably realized that you’d love to celebrate the birthday of one of the most popular, most celebrated, and most loved human beings ever: the creator of the internet.But what exactly is a birthday wish?What’s a miracle?And how do you celebrate a miracle birthday?To answer these questions and more, we spoke to some […]

How to drink more and still be happy

Drinking more often is more important than ever.In an age when we’re increasingly reliant on technology to help us achieve our goals, it’s worth paying extra attention to how we choose to drink.Here’s how to drink less and feel happier.1.Stop drinking with the same people Every time you have a drink, remember to drink with […]

30th Birthday Wish: An Interview with Yogi Bhajan

The late Yogi Baba, author of the best-selling Yoga, is now a global icon, revered for his profound insights on life, death, spirituality and many other subjects.However, many of his best-known yoga poses are still a mystery.We caught up with the revered guru to find out what we can expect from his next birthday wishes.The […]

4 of the Most Powerful People in the World

It’s one of those days you know you should go out and do something, but you don’t.Maybe you want to go bowling.Maybe it’s to have a big party, but there’s a better way.It’s to get an ice cream cone.It’s called “Happy Birthday,” and it’s an annual tradition that’s become a staple of the U.S. calendar.The […]

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