How to celebrate your 9th birthday with the best birthday wishes

You can choose to take your family out for a BBQ, make a party out of it or just make a fun birthday wish that everyone will be happy with.If you’re looking to celebrate with family, you might want to go with a big party, like the family-friendly “Best Birthday Wish” contest.Here are 10 ideas […]

When you think birthday wishes you should watch a lot of ’90s TV, you might just see what they really want

You may not know that a recent study suggests that some people may have a lot more birthday wishes than others.While the research is preliminary, the results seem to suggest that people may be more willing to indulge in the wishes of others in a positive light than those who wish their own birthday.A series […]

When Maxine Waters wants to celebrate her birthday, she doesn’t have to wait for a birthday card

NEW YORK (AP) Maxine “Maxine” Waters wants her friends and family to “celebrate” her birthday in her home, and she wants them to give her the birthday wishes.The former U.S. House of Representatives speaker has issued more than a dozen birthday wishes since January.“Let’s celebrate with you, Maxine, you deserve it,” she wrote in one.In […]

Cowboy Birthday Wish: Find a cow with the coolest birthday wish

Cowboy birthday wish?Maybe.But there’s something to be said for finding something that will surprise you with its special features.The most surprising thing about finding a cow that’s actually a cow is its age.Most cows in the US are born in the spring.But that doesn’t mean they’re all ready to celebrate their birthday yet.Some, like the […]

‘I’m going to be a woman in my 30s’: The worst birthday wishes

WASHINGTON —  If you were thinking about being a woman of your 30s, you may be glad you didn’t.In an interview with ABC News’ “20/20” on Tuesday, Nancy Lieberman said she plans to stay in the closet until she’s 60.Lieberman, who said she was sexually harassed and harassed a decade ago, also said she’s still […]

birthday wishes are here! Today’s wish list: Happy birthday to me! -Ace

Thanks for the birthday wishes Ace!We all wish you a happy birthday, but we’re here to help make sure you don’t forget.Happy Birthday to you, Ace!-Ralph WhiteHappy birthday to you.-Nanaket Happy Birthday!-Molly Happy Birthday, Molly!-Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Happy Birthday and congratulations to you on your retirement!-Kelsey Happy Birthday!!-Cordelia Happy Birthday!!!-Hannah Happy Birthday (Ace’s birthday) -Mandy Happy […]

How to buy a puppy birthday wish: Puppy birthday wishes from Disney’s new ad campaign, ad exec says

When a pet can make an impact on a family, even if it is in the form of a wish, there is always the hope that they can one day get to see the other members of the family.On the Disney-owned social media site Instagram, the social media team behind the social app Instagram Stories […]

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