The best holiday gifts for Jewish birthday wishes

Happy Birthday, Jew!Here’s our list of the best Jewish birthday gifts for your Jewish birthday.Birthday wishes have been around for thousands of years, and Jewish people have a long tradition of giving wishes for their loved ones.We hope this list of Jewish birthday wish gifts helps you celebrate your birthday with joy and celebration.Happy Birthday,Jew!Here […]

How does this new toy help the planet’s most endangered species?

A robotic arm called Sparkly is one of the most exciting new toys coming to kids today, and a few months ago, we reported on its abilities.Sparkly can help the most vulnerable of animals by capturing their attention and offering them food.But now, scientists have discovered that it can also help humans.Sparkles can capture a […]

How to Celebrate Pagan Bodies at Home

This year, a number of new Pagan traditions are taking over the world.A handful of these traditions are also bringing back a few old traditions, but they’re all about bringing back something different.It’s a little bit of everything.Pagan Birthday wishes and traditions are all about finding the meaning in the day and the season. The Pagan […]

Donald Trump is a nasty birthday wish,my wish

Donald Trump’s birthday wishes were a bit of a nightmare for some people on Friday.Trump’s birthday wish for his daughter, Ivanka, was the subject of some criticism on social media.It was widely reported that Ivanka wished that she had had a more “normal” birthday.In a tweet, the president-elect’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, said he would have […]

Online birthday wishes: Who has the most birthday wishes?

Online birthday wish requests are a huge part of the holiday season, and the online version of the wish is the most popular option.With the holidays approaching, there’s plenty of time to get them in.Here are some of the most requested online birthday wishes on the internet.Read more on our birthday wish list:Celebrate your birthday […]

How to choose your spiritual birthday wish?

It’s hard to know which of the hundreds of thousands of spiritual birthday wishes you’ve received can really make you happy, but if you’ve been lucky enough to receive one, here’s our guide to finding the right one.1.Your favourite spirit or deity If you’re lucky enough for your favourite spirit to appear on your birthday […]

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