Naked Birthday Wish Is A Happy Birthday, But You Don’t Have To Worry About Getting Naked

I’d like to make a joke about how naked birthday wish is a happy birthday but I don’t want to be a jerk.

A man named Matt says he’s getting a naked birthday birthday wish and his wife wants him to get up to get it.

I’m going to be an old fart, Matt says.

So she says she’ll get up, get dressed, get on the bed, and do what Matt says she needs to do.

She does that and she’s naked and there’s a bunch of people there, including Matt’s wife.

I feel like I’m in a circus, Matt thinks.

This is not the way to get a birthday wish.

So I go and do it, and then she’s got to come back out to do it.

And then there’s no one there to do anything with it.

Matt and his mother are upset because he has to wear a bathing suit.

I think they think I’m a weirdo.

The reason I’m saying it’s a naked Birthday Wish is because it’s so hard to do, and so embarrassing.

I don`t think people understand how embarrassing it is to get your naked.

I have a bathtub full of water and I`ve got towels on me.

Matt is so embarrassed.

I really am.

But he gets a birthday, and he goes, Oh, that’s nice, I`m really happy.

And it`s a nice birthday.

I`ll be there in two hours and it`ll have me on the couch in the living room, laughing at it.

 Matt’s mother and his girlfriend are so embarrassed they don’t even bother to take the naked photos of Matt’s mother.

They get their cameras out and they don`s like, Hey, what you guys doing?

 They have no idea how embarrassed I am.

It`s weird because I get naked for the birthday and I want to get naked, but I get it on camera and I get that naked thing and I don, I don go, Oh.

I can`t get naked anymore, Matt tells me.

I just get naked.

And I don t know what to do with that.

It`s embarrassing, I know, Matt admits.

He says he thinks he`ll get better at getting naked in the future.

I want a naked bathtub.

I have two cats and one of them is very aggressive and it is a little bit of a problem.

I wanted a naked tub for my birthday.

Matt says his mother and girlfriend get really mad when he says he doesn’t want a bath tub.

No, I am not.

And Matt says that his mother wants him on a leash because she wants him in a bath.

He says his girlfriend says that Matt`s mother doesn`t want a leash.

[Laughs] I want one of my cats on a rope.

It is a problem for my mother, he says.

But I don because I want her to know that I am her daughter and that I love her and that she loves me and that this is a loving thing that we are doing together.

And so, she gets on the rope and she just starts tying me to the bathtub and she goes, Well, Matt, I want you on a boat.

And he goes.

I want your girlfriend on a cat leash.

And she goes.

So we are on a big boat.

I love this thing.

And we get on.

And Matt starts crying.

How do I make you feel better?

I don´t know, I have to go back to sleep.

Matt says this is the happiest birthday he`s ever had.

I know I`d have to say it.

It was just a really fun birthday.

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