How to make your birthday wish more memorable

Posted September 15, 2018 09:05:01 You might have forgotten to put your birthday wishes on hold for the 90th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe.

That’s the case with a number of people, including the woman who was a lifelong Marilyn Monroe fan.

The iconic actress and singer, who died on October 5, 1974, had more than 2,000 birthday wishes.

And one of them went to the woman in question: her nude birthday wishes to be remembered on film.

“Marilyn Monroe is not my favourite actress.

I don’t have any great fondness for her,” Ms Monroe’s daughter, Linda Monroe, said.

“But she was a good-natured person.

I think it’s a shame that it’s been forgotten.”

The birthday wish was given to the actress by a woman who had seen the film The Cat in the Hat when she was 15.

“It was a great experience.

We got to do a lot of filming together and it was lovely,” Ms Monroe told reporters at the time.

“I think it would be great if people remembered her as a real person.”

Marilyn Monroe in her nude photo shoot.

Source: Getty Images She was referring to the 1970 film, about the glamorous life of the actress, in which she played the wife of the film star Johnny Depp.

“They’re just lovely photos,” Ms Depp told the Associated Press in 2015.

“She’s very nice.

I remember her as very beautiful.”

The film’s star, John Lithgow, remembered her fondly and asked Ms Monroe to bring it to his birthday in the year 2020.

“That’s the first time she has come up to me and I’ve just never seen her smile like that,” Mr Lithgow said.

Marilyn Monroe’s nude birthday wish.

Source to view: Getty

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