How to choose your spiritual birthday wish?

It’s hard to know which of the hundreds of thousands of spiritual birthday wishes you’ve received can really make you happy, but if you’ve been lucky enough to receive one, here’s our guide to finding the right one.


Your favourite spirit or deity If you’re lucky enough for your favourite spirit to appear on your birthday wish list, you can use this handy feature to find out what they’re up to and where they’re going in life.

If not, you’ll still have to ask them to come visit.

Find your favourite spirits in the top right of your News Feed.


What is it about you?

Whether it’s a specific religious or cultural tradition or just a particular day of the week, you might find that you find yourself thinking about something specific, or about your family and friends.

These days, this is often about your loved ones, friends, or family.

If you’ve just been married, this could be a key aspect of your wish list.


What does it mean to you?

If you have a favourite spirit that you love, you’re likely to be more than happy to receive a special message about that particular day.

It might be something like “We are happy that you are alive today because you made me happy” or “We love you so much, you are our best friend and I miss you so, so much.”


When do you need to do it?

Many of our wishes come from our dreams, and some of the most memorable ones come from the memories of our loved ones.

Sometimes, these memories can be particularly powerful, so it’s often important to be able to receive these wishes on a regular basis.


How do I make a wish?

You can also choose a wish that you’re happy with, or that you’d like to do again.

For example, you could ask for a wish to see your children again, or your favourite movie or television show, or even to meet a new person.

But you don’t have to do everything yourself.

If there’s a particular wish you want to get a little more specific about, you may be able use a guide on how to find that wish on your phone or tablet.


What should I do if I don’t want a wish from a specific spirit or person?

If there are no specific wishes from a particular person, you won’t need to write them in any particular order.

If your wishes are more personal, you should also add a note to your wish that details the person who’s requested it.

For a detailed list of the person’s wishes, click here.


How can I get a special invitation?

Sometimes a specific person, or a particular place, has asked you to send them a special invite.

For more information on how you can make a special request, click this link.


What if I already have a wish on my wish list?

There are several ways you can still get a wish list if you already have one, and if you’re looking to make a new one, we suggest making a wish in advance.

First, make sure that you have your wish on file.

Next, make a list of your wishes in a separate, organised way.

And finally, ask someone to send you an invitation to a special event or event to make the wishes on your wish.

The more you do these things, the more likely it is you’ll be able on your next birthday to get your wish in the form you’ve chosen.

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