Crazy birthday wishes: ‘I wish I could make you happy’

“When I was a little girl, I was really, really unhappy.

It was a huge problem.” she said.

“I was so happy.

It’s so hard for me now to remember that I was so unhappy.”

She said that as a teenager she was in and out of the mental health care system and that she never had a relationship.

“It’s really hard for us as adults to talk about it.

We want to have it all, we want to be happy, but we’re not.”

“I wish that I could have a happy childhood again.

I wish I was happy and that I had a good job.”

She also has a number of other wishes.

“When the weather’s nice, I want to get out of bed, go outside, walk, do something nice, be outside,” she said, adding that she would also like to travel to places she had never been before.

“That’s a dream come true.”‘

I wish they were not my parents’ She said she was happy that the Australian government had recently changed their policy on surrogacy, which means that now Australian women can get married to people who are not their biological parents.

“In the past, I had to go to court and say, ‘I don’t want my parents to be in this relationship,'” she said of the surrogacy decision.

“Now they can be.”

However, she said that her wishes about her family life were not shared.

“My wishes are shared,” she told Al Jazeera.

“And if they are shared, I would love for them to come over and be my parents.

But I wouldn’t want them there.”

“We need to talk to each other about our families,” she added.

“We have to talk more about how we’re going to raise our kids, how we want them to be, what kind of family we want.”

“That means that we need to understand the role we’re putting ourselves in.”

She added that the way her children are raised in her home state of New South Wales, was “very different” from how she was raised in Australia.

“If I could go back and make my family happy, I wouldn, because it was just not the way I was raised.”

She told Al-Jazeera that her children would have been happier living in New South, as she had “never had that luxury”.

She also said that she had lost hope that there would be any hope for a child to have a normal life with her mother in Australia, given the current state of child welfare.

“As a parent, it is really difficult,” she wrote.

“The system is so broken, and I don’t know if we can really fix it.”

“The only way to fix it is to have families.”

She has spoken out before on social media about the challenges faced by her children, and how she is struggling to make ends meet.

“One of the reasons why I’m doing this is because I know I’m not alone,” she tweeted.

“People can do this.”

“My parents are not going to come to the funeral and see my body.”

She continued: “My children need to know I am proud of them.

I don ‘t want to make them feel like this.”

The comments have prompted a response from her husband, who said she had been “stupidly selfish”.

“She is being completely unreasonable and selfish,” he wrote.

Ms Smith has been open about her struggles with mental health, and said that it was important for people to realise the power of positive mental health support.

“Our mental health needs to be recognised and treated with the same urgency as physical health,” she explained.

“This is a global crisis.”

She urged people to take the time to talk with a counsellor and to talk privately with their GP, or seek out mental health treatment.

“Talk to a counselled friend,” she suggested.

“Ask them about mental health.

They might be able to provide you with a plan to support you.”

“This will save you a lot of time, a lot more money, and a lot less anger and frustration,” she concluded.

“You will feel better.”

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