birthday wishes are here! Today’s wish list: Happy birthday to me! -Ace

Thanks for the birthday wishes Ace!We all wish you a happy birthday, but we’re here to help make sure you don’t forget.Happy Birthday to you, Ace!-Ralph WhiteHappy birthday to you.-Nanaket Happy Birthday!-Molly Happy Birthday, Molly!-Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Happy Birthday and congratulations to you on your retirement!-Kelsey Happy Birthday!!-Cordelia Happy Birthday!!!-Hannah Happy Birthday (Ace’s birthday) -Mandy Happy […]

Happy Birthday to: ‘Duck Dynasty’ star ‘fans’ wish they could be in the show’s ‘fantastic season’

Birthday wishes and fan-made videos have become the new norm for many Americans, with fans from around the world sharing their wishes to see the hit TV show return.But some have gone even further than that, with one fan writing a letter to Disney expressing her wish to see a full season of the popular […]

A birthday wish for Donald Trump: “Let the dogs out”

On a hot August day in early 2019, Donald Trump made a birthday wish.Trump wanted to “have a party for my birthday and the rest of my life.”It was a birthday gift from his family, which included his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner.The Trump children had been in the country during the holiday, […]

Trump’s birthday wishes: What do you want him to do next?

President Donald Trump has yet to announce his birthday wishes for the day, but it appears he is planning on putting in a birthday request.According to Axios, Trump is “saying goodbye” to his supporters after an exhausting campaign in which he failed to deliver on his campaign promises.“He’s saying, ‘I’m going to be the last […]

Deep Christmas wishes for fall,fall,christmastime wishes,blessed year

The holidays are around the corner, and there are plenty of special wishes for people who are on the hunt for a special holiday.Some people may be looking for a new car, new furniture, or a new holiday home.Some may be thinking about buying a new wardrobe, or even getting rid of their old ones.Some […]

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