How to create a spooky birthday wish for your child

You’re probably wondering what it would look like if you were to have a spook birthday.The answer is: spooky.This is thanks to a couple of tricks which will make a whole host of birthday wishes come true.Spooky birthday ideas for kids with special needs Here are some of the spooky ideas kids with a disability […]

What is covid-19? Here’s what you need to know

What is Covid-21?If you haven’t heard of it yet, the coronavirus has hit the US and Canada hard and now it’s hit Europe.Covid-20 has spread through the US, but its not spread through food, but through water, sewage, and air pollution.In Europe, it’s spreading through water and the air, with over 100,000 people sick.It has […]

Birthday wishes: why are some people more likely to receive a birthday wish than others?

When you add in the costs of travel and childcare, and the costs that arise from the logistics of having a birthday, the costs become even more prohibitive.“People are spending more and more time on their birthday wish wish list, so they’re doing the same thing with their birthday wishes,” Dr Rimmer said.“It’s becoming harder […]

When you want to sing your birthday wishes: We’ve got them all!

In a new video for the company’s website, the singer tells a story of being in the same room with a baby and a mother who is singing her birthday wishes.When she was young, she said, she heard a baby singing her wishes on the radio.She remembered seeing a song on a television station that […]

Indian baby’s birthday wishes ‘totally appropriate’, says dad

By MAHMUD HAMSOUD The Associated PressIndia has a growing tradition of naming newborns after famous people, and many families have been naming their babies after stars and stars’ children.India has no shortage of names for newborns, from the legendary Bhagat Singh in Punjab to the popular children’s movie The Princess Bride.But Indian baby names have […]

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