A look at some of the best Halloween-themed video games and movies of the last 20 years

“It’s the one time of year when people get their own Halloween costume, and they don’t wear masks, and it’s really just a celebration of all that’s good about Halloween.

It’s just all about the costumes and what’s good with Halloween.”—Kelley Crooks, creative director of RetroHalloween.com, creator of the popular retro Halloween costume game RetroHooker.

“I always wanted to make an arcade game.

I’ve been playing games on the PS2 since the 90s, and I’ve always been kind of nostalgic about them.

I wanted to create an arcade shooter game.”—Matt Gorman, executive producer of Retro Hocus Pocus, a retro game with retro visuals.

“You don’t need a controller to play this, but there are some things that you can use it for, such as when you’re looking around in the dark.”—Andrew B. Williams, president of The RetroHitchy, the retro Halloween-related merchandise company.

“This is a good one for people who like to go trick-or-treating.”—Paul Schott, co-founder of RetroHop.com.

“It really comes down to the gameplay and the design.”—John Tesh, coz designer of RetroGrip, the classic arcade game with a retro twist.

“The gameplay of RetroHopper really does appeal to a lot of people.”—Jason Bittles, president and CEO of RetroCinema.

“We wanted to do a little something different, and this was a perfect fit.”—Brian Tamburro, senior director of marketing for RetroHockey.com .

“I’ve always loved the idea of a retro video game.

This was a really cool project, and a great way to introduce it to a whole new audience.”—Travis O’Neill, director of creative direction at RetroHobo, the company behind RetroHopping.com and RetroHoppers.com , creator of Retro Hopping and RetroHoppers.com in addition to RetroHooping.com for kids.

“There’s this element of nostalgia and just nostalgia that is very powerful, and that can be a big part of making games that people enjoy.”—David Haggins, cofounder of The Haggis of Retro.

“In many ways, this game is a celebration.

It really is about this nostalgia that’s inherent to Halloween, and to me that’s just such a perfect way to celebrate the season.”—Ben Wiese, founder of RetroHorror, creator, and director of the classic retro horror game, RetroHocus.

“What makes a good Halloween game is the fun factor.”—Sam Mardell, creator and producer of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the iconic Halloween movie that was released in 1971.

“With this game, we were able to create something that’s really fun, and not just a fun way to make money.”—Curtis Jones, coauthor of Halloween: A Retrospective and host of the weekly podcast Retro Horror.

“They’ve made a Halloween game, and the thing I love most about this game are the characters and the atmosphere.

There’s a lot going on here.”—Tim Hecker, producer of the video game The Last Witch Hunter and co-creator of The Lost Toys series of Halloween games.

“One of the great things about this Halloween game are those little things that really bring out the nostalgia in people.

It has that retro vibe to it.”—Mikey Larkin, director and producer at The Nightwatch, the developer of the retro game The Nightmare before Christmas.

“A lot of the Halloween games that have been released over the years have always been based around the idea that the character of the character is the thing that gets them through.

That’s the way Halloween is.

It is about you.

You are a character.”—Scott F. Loring, producer at HorrorHollywood.com on HorrorHobo.com

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