A day of celebrating your birthday in the style of a hit TV show

This is your chance to do something different, say, and celebrate your birthday with some of your favorite TV shows.

Here are some of the TV shows that we think you’ll love, as well as some of our favorites from last year. 

ABC Family: Birthday Baskets ABC Family will have an array of activities to commemorate your birthday and get you started on your new life.

Check out these activities for a taste of what to expect:  Birthday Cake: The ABC Family bakery will be hosting a birthday cake on February 1 to celebrate your first birthday. 

Birthday Mixtape: Join ABC Family’s birthday playlist to dance to music from the show and celebrate a happy birthday with your favorite ABC Family character. 

Happy Birthday, Mom!: This is a fun party for your mom, as you’ll hear your favorite Disney characters from the past and present as they celebrate their first birthday together. 

Get Your Own Birthday Party: ABC Family members will host a special birthday party on February 2 for their friends and family.

Happy Birthday, You!: Join a birthday party for friends, family, and all your favorite characters at ABC Family.

Disney Junior’s Birthday Party on February 8 will feature all the best moments from the series’ short-lived animated series, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald Jr., and Goofy, all dressed up in their favorite Disney outfits.

Hollywood Life: Celebrate the first birthday of your Disney Channel favorite character with a party featuring DJ and live music from Disney Junior, featuring live performances of popular songs, plus free champagne.

ABC Family’s Birthday Bash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Guests of the ABC Family may celebrate their birthday with a birthday bash at Disney Hollywood Studios.

Party of the Day: Make a special, memorable birthday wish with a variety of activities, including a party for family and friends.

The Adventures of Toto: Enjoy a special Birthday Party featuring a mix of entertainment from the classic Disney series and the modern Disney Channel series, and a special dessert and a surprise special birthday cake.

Frozen Fever: Enjoy the movie and the TV show together in the Frozen Fever celebration.

Pixar’s Frozen Planet: Join Pixar’s birthday party to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary and to celebrate a special day for your family.

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