A birthday wish for Donald Trump: “Let the dogs out”

On a hot August day in early 2019, Donald Trump made a birthday wish.

Trump wanted to “have a party for my birthday and the rest of my life.”

It was a birthday gift from his family, which included his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner.

The Trump children had been in the country during the holiday, but the family did not live in New York, and the birthday wish was not a request from the family.

The request came from a man named Daniel Schwartz, a Manhattan resident and business owner.

Schwartz, who was also Trump’s personal attorney, told the New York Post that he wished Trump a birthday party on his birthday and a happy new year.

“My kids were all so excited about it,” Schwartz said, referring to Ivanka and Kushner.

“They had the party and they wanted to take photos with me, but I told them I would let them take photos of me.

I don’t want any cameras because they’re my kids.”

The Trump family is not the only ones who have expressed gratitude for Trump’s birthday wishes.

During the presidential campaign, Ivanka Trump said that she wished Trump an “extraordinary birthday.”

On her birthday in 2017, she gave him a “great birthday present” and a “special thanks” card.

She later tweeted that “I am so thankful for your birthday wishes for me.

They are so sincere.

I feel so honored.”

Ivanka Trump’s wish, which she sent to a photographer on her way to the party, included a photo of the Trump family and a handwritten note from her.

Trump later tweeted, “I hope you are proud of your birthday wish!

I am so grateful for it!”

It is unclear whether Ivanka Trump is actually the only person to have expressed her gratitude for the birthday wishes of her father.

“We all love Donald and Ivanka,” a person close to the family told BuzzFeed News.

“She was very gracious to have her birthday wishes made.”

Ivanka’s wish was sent to the photographer by her sister, Amber, on her birthday.

Trump has also expressed his gratitude to the families of the presidents of the United States and Canada.

In the letter sent to President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Trump asked for the White House to “celebrate” his birthday.

“Thank you for your beautiful wish for me to celebrate my birthday,” Trump wrote.

“It was the best birthday gift of my entire life.

I’m grateful for your wonderful wishes.”

In addition to Trump, a number of prominent Republicans have expressed their gratitude for his birthday wishes: Sens.

John McCain, R-Ariz., and Lindsey Graham, R, S.C., wrote Trump a note congratulating him on his “extraordinarily generous birthday wishes.”

The president tweeted his thanks to the White Houses staff on Thursday and offered the family a “thousandth birthday cake” for a birthday celebration.

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