Which 80-year-old person is most likely to wish they could go to heaven?

Posted September 08, 2018 12:17:33 I have a birthday wish for the most popular person on Earth, and I’m about to ask my mom if I could meet them.“We have this great opportunity to meet my father, the man who built the Statue of Liberty, and then the man that built the monument that is […]

What’s in a birthday wish?

Celebrate your birthday with these birthday wishes.1.Celebrate the holiday by buying an ice cream cone, birthday cake, birthday cupcake, birthday candle, birthday hat, or any other gift from your favorite store.2.Go on a trip to the movies, visit a new place, or go on a vacation.3.Go out for a swim or swim-tour with a friend.4.Take […]

‘Trolls’ is the latest hit game to be remade by the ‘trolls’, as one of the biggest titles in gaming history goes for a 21st birthday edition

We’ve all played games that were remade because someone liked it and decided to remaster it.Some people love the original game for its originality and feel it’s worth a second playthrough.Others want to take the gameplay and make it their own.But in our opinion, the original is a good game.It was the first great game […]

How to write a birthday wish and how to tell if it’s a wish

Birthday wishes are a popular way to wish someone a happy birthday.They come in all shapes and sizes.Some are simple, such as “Happy Birthday” and “Happy to See You,” while others are more elaborate, such a “Happy Life,” “Happy To See You Again” or “Happy Together.”Here are the five ways you can write a wish.1.Happy […]

Irish birthday wishes: The best of 2018

Irish birthday celebrations are one of the most unique aspects of the holiday, and it’s only fitting that the day you’re going to remember is the one with the most birthday wishes.Here are some of the best of the year.1.Irish people have a hard time understanding birthday wishesSource: Alamy 2.A cake, a car and a […]

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